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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 20, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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ray... yeah. it's conforming. it's not conforming. it's saying you own me. that's an old-fashioned way of looking at things. i don't want to be a possession. marriage is about... love and commitment, not possession, baby. don't you want kids, sunday dinners? i like sunday dinners. tying the knot would guarantee me front-row seats to the movie of your life. don't you want someone to... change your diapers when you get old? baby, if i ever need diapers, you just take me right out back and shoot me. don't do it, son. what are you saying? marriage.
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ruin your life. why don't you ring these up. you get married, the romance fizzles, your girl gets fat. next thing you know you're lying on the couch wondering how come you don't have a bed. marriage is overrated. [laughing] [echoing] marriage is overrated. [laughing] garcia: how's it going, stranger? oh, i'm a little tired. i went salsa dancing last night. oh, my god, like i need another reason to find you amazing. this call for you from sean mcallister came to my phone accidentally. he sounded very hot and very important. did he leave a message? no. but it's from paris. a scottish guy calling from paris. know this, emily-- even if he is ugly,
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scottish guys are hot. it's the accent. i'll keep that in mind. so what's the skinny? is he an ex? international booty call? no. he's a friend. where's seaver? she had to take a test at the academy. i know we've all seen the news. mass murder in miles city, montana. 6 people shot and killed at a gas station. no apparent motive. robbery? any security footage? no. no cameras, no witnesses, ballistics say we're looking at two shooters. well, something at the station must have triggered them. it doesn't look like they had much of a plan. and it may happen again. spree killers often repeat themselves. [clicks]
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[panting] [panting] we did it, baby. mmm. we did it. [laughing] mmm... aah! [laughs] whoo! [grunts] woman: whoo! ray: whoo-hoo-hoo! that was awesome. i love you, ray. love you, too, syd. [tires squealing] [syd screams and laughs]
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where do you think it all comes from? elves.
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prentiss: friedrich nietzsche wrote, "what really raises one's indignation against suffering "is not suffering intrinsically, but the senselessness of suffering." i'm sorry to reroute you to billings, but last night, this went down. have you released a statement to the press? no, but it's already hit the air. where's the car they dumped? it's over there. agents are searching it now. one of the vics said the shooters were a male and a female. how many people were murdered here? 8. if you add the miles city killings, we're up to 14.
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male-female teams are usually committed to pleasing each other, both mentally and physically. morgan: these guys are thrill killers. they're aroused by the adrenaline rush. so they're not gonna stop until we catch them. so this is just foreplay. ray: what's the news saying about us now? they know we're male and female. how did they figure that out?
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i don't know. there was nothing girly about the way we killed those people. where do you want to live, ray? i told you--aruba. right on the ocean. i like the ocean. so how do you want to spend the rest of our honeymoon? exactly the same way that we spent the last 12 months. syd: till death do us part. ray: nothing's gonna happen to us, syd.
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i mean, i've seen dead bodies before, but this is insane. they're like bonnie and clyde. they smashed one guy's vertebrae so bad, it looked like a derailed train. extreme brutality to this degree is what's known as an obliteration attack. the unsub wants to completely erase these victims from existence. both of the vics were shot at point blank range. what made those? that was a crowbar. [grunts] uhh! [grunting] [laughs] whew! baby! ray, i'm hungry. the unsubs are becoming more and more confident, which means their weapons are becoming more and more personal. the excitement of the brutality allows them to overcome their human inhibitions. why is this one covered? it's the store clerk. guy got it pretty bad. in medieval times, it would just be another monday. he was sodomized with a tire iron. that kind of overkill suggests he was the root of their aggression. maybe they're zeroing in on what's really pissing them off. they took the store owner in the back. aah!
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they got the schoolteacher over here. the kid over here thought he was safe. why chain them in? they thrive on sadistic power. there's rice all over the floor. bullet probably hit a box. i take it this is the food aisle. i don't see rice for sale anywhere on these shelves. who comes to a gas station throwing rice? ok, i checked surrounding areas. 72 people applied for marriage licenses in montana in the last 3 days. any of them have records? 31 do, the rest are clean. all right. send over all the names of the suspects with their ages, garcia. lover, they're all ready sent. check your phones. so you think they're newlyweds? well, there was rice all over the crime scene, and a bunch of alcohol was missing from the store. so they're on their honeymoon. what did you find out from the m.e.? overkill on the store clerk and sodomy--object penetration. garcia, last 30 days, check any store clerks killed in the states east of montana. wow. uh, there was a savagely beaten store clerk outside jamestown at the beginning of the month, and then another one 2 days later in bowman, north dakota.
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and that's probably where they started. thanks, garcia. mmm. hey, there. are you drinking all alone tonight, honey? my company's a little busy. my name's ray. hi, ray. hi, ray. i just got married. and i'm an alcoholic. congratulations. congratulations. i'm just passing through town and i wanted to stop and share because i partied last night. what do you think made you drink? come on. i was celebrating with my lady. that's a big rock you got on your finger there.
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i like things big. i bet you do. mmm. well, i've been drinking my whole life. i started when i was 8. my father was an alcoholic. it tastes like... grape kool-aid. oh, i like kool-aid. whiskey and bourbon... were his choice. after he got his glass, he's come and he'd tuck me in. first, he'd ask me about my day. then he'd, uh, he'd move his hands up my leg. told me everything was gonna be ok.
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it was never ok. 20 bucks... i'll let you have a taste. oh, you got a deal. i'd just bury my head into my pillow and wait until it was over. and when he was done, i'd just lie there quietly. ohh! [moaning] [moaning] [applause] it's nice of you to share with us, ray. what step have you gotten to? 7.
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the same age i was when he did that to me. well, it's time for you to do 8 and 9. have you admitted your shortcomings? this wasn't my fault. but you've let this one incident dictate your whole life. i was a kid. i know, ray. but until you let this go, you will always be a victim to the bottle. [echoing] to the bottle, to the bottle, to the bottle... screw you and your bottle. [screaming]
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shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the winter apparel blowout sale! take up to 60% off... outerwear for the whole family... and up to 60% off cozy sleepwear and robes! plus get thousands of gifts under $10. now that's kmart smart this is 100 miles west of the last gas station. we anticipated them hitting this area, but not here. maybe this guy tried to have sex with one of our unsubs while the other one was inside. cheating on your honeymoon. someone's got a twisted sense of commitment. [camera clicking] so they steal the liquor from the gas station, they go on a binge, and then they come to a meeting? what if the unsubs met at a meeting? they hear each other's stories and develop a bond because of their similar backgrounds. that makes sense. people typically drink to excess
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because they're unhappy with themselves or their past. from the looks of it, at least one of the unsubs shot from up front. run! well, if the meeting started at 8:00, and this happened at 8:45, they were probably in the sharing portion of the meeting. so maybe they didn't come in here to kill. you know, what if they really are struggling with sobriety? if they're really working the program, they could be working on the hardest steps. which are? 7, 8, and 9. acknowledge your shortcomings, accept responsibility, and make amends. the trouble is, these unsubs already broke one of the most important steps. what's that? the thirteenth step. members aren't supposed to enter relationships with each other while trying to get sober. what are you thinking about? we need to go to the next step. all this killing and drinking is fun, but it doesn't change the fact that, you know, my father used to rape me, or what your daddy did to you, you know. what are you saying, syd?
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if you want to find closure, you gotta go directly to the source. we do 8 and 9? why not? we're looking for a young couple from north dakota, late teens to mid-20s. we believe they may have recently been married. we're seeing that alcohol plays a significant role in these crimes. it's allowing them to kill freely and recklessly. our unsubs are killing surrogates who represent those responsible for deep-seated wounds. now, these two most likely met at alcohol support. and they get a sexual charge out of the kill. prentiss: the change from gas station to alcohol support meetings suggests one of them might have a slight moral compass that led them to get help. rossi: ultimately, we believe one of the pair is a sociopath, while the other is a psychopath. what's really the difference? they're similar pathologies, but a sociopath is less likely to participate in criminal activity and can be lured by a dominant, while a psychopath is a consummate leader and likely to engage and destroy anyone in their way.
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the most recent attack was 12 hours ago, which means they're most likely heading west of helena and towards idaho. all surrounding areas should be on alert. syd: this is it? this is it. this is it. this is your house. say hi to me, baby. hi, baby. you look good. this is ray's house. hey, baby. kiss me. you look good, baby. [chuckles] [banging on door] mmm. cute butt. [door opens] yeah, can i help you?
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raymond. [laughing] say cheese. hi, daddy. [grunting] ray. ray. these alcohol support groups are based on anonymity. there'll be no record of who attended the meeting. garcia, our unsubs attended an alcohol support meeting last night, but they're not from the area. can you trace who accessed their website yesterday? 3 people went to that website, one on a mobile, 2 on dsl. cross-check that with a list of anyone married in montana in the last 2 days. no, no, i'm coming up empty. see if anyone on the list who accessed the site is from north dakota. bingo, baby. ray donovan of devil's lake. what's his story? ironic. he is 27. he's been in and out of foster care since he was 10. he looks like kind of a lush and a bit of a meanie. he's had 2 duis in the last 2 years. he was slapped with a restraining order by an ex-girlfriend. sounds like our boy.
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what's her name? she might be his partner. no, she's not. her name's amy wichowsky. she died a year ago of an overdose from a mix of alcohol and heroin. garcia, get us the address of the foster home. somebody there might know something. sure. give me a sec. [beeps] i talked to all 4 of ray's foster families. they say he was removed from his parents' home because of drugs and abuse. garcia. yes? can we confirm that with the biological family? ok. i'm gonna patch you through. [telephone rings] [ring] [ring] [ring]
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[ring] i want you to take the ninth step. take the ninth step? why? i didn't do anything. i was put into foster care because of you, you bastard. you were put in foster care because of our drug problem. ray, no one molested you. [clicks] mrs. donovan: put the gun down, ray. shut up! take the ninth step or i'm gonna shoot you, dad. i didn't do it. i didn't touch you. [clicks] ray, you're my own flesh and blood.
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i never touched you. don't you lie! i said i'll take care of it. i swear it. take the ninth step. i ain't taking no step. take it. take it. i ain't gonna ask you again. [gasps] no! [weeping] [gasps] [weeping] why did you do that, syd? 'cause you wouldn't. i would have. look what you did. come on, ray. look what you did, syd! come on, ray. look what you did! it wasn't for you to do!
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this was mine, syd! because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat.


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